Nov 3, 2008

Party Time

It's Monday. The clocks have fallen back and darkness descended at 5pm. Until the 21st or 22nd of December things can only get worse (did I mention I hate winter?)

The solution? Party until March!

The dress pictured on the left is a 1930's Velvet Dress in a friendly size.

The dress on the right has a strategic combination of fabric and mesh. Very bombshell!

Nov 2, 2008

Sunday Shopping

The most expensive item on Babylon Mall today is this fabulous 1958 Christian Dior black wool coat. It is couture quality, made in France and is priced at $2500.

At the other end of the affordability spectrum, we have a large number of patterns. If you like to knit or sew then you'll appreciate patterns such as this great 2-piece suit.